Dazzling Navratri Makeup Trends: 9 Vibrant Looks to Rock This Year

9 Navratri makeup looks | Best Makeup Online


Navratri, the festival of colors, dance, and celebrations, is just around the corner. This is the time of year when you may go all out with your face makeup, adopting colorful and striking styles that blend with the festive mood. Whether you're gearing up for Garba nights or looking to make a statement at the Dandiya dance, we've got you covered. In this article, we'll unveil nine trendy Navratri makeup looks that are perfect for the youth, along with makeup ideas and tips to help you shine during this joyous season. So, get ready to make a bold statement with your makeup, and let's dive into the world of dazzling Navratri beauty.


Look 1: Radiant Red Lips and Winged Liner

Kick off your Navratri celebrations with a classic and timeless look. Start with a flawless base using your favorite face palette makeup. Add a touch of matte blush for a natural flush of color on your cheeks. For the eyes, create a sharp winged liner using a waterproof eyeliner. To have your liner stay for longer duration without getting smudged or feathered opt for CMC Sketch Eyeliner, Keep the eyeshadow neutral with earthy tones to make your lips pop. And speaking of lips, go bold with a long-lasting, waterproof red lipstick that stays put through all the dance moves.

look 1 – red lipstick and liner

Look 2: Sparkling Gold Glam

Navratri is all about embracing the vibrancy of colors, and gold is a quintessential choice for a festive look. Begin with a radiant base using the best translucent powder to set your face makeup in place. For the eyes, reach for a shimmering gold eyeshadow palette and apply it across your lids. Don't forget to highlight your inner corners for an extra pop. For the perfect shimmering eyeshadow go for CMC Eyeshadow of 12 color palette. It has the colors for every mood and has perfect shades to create a glam look. Lastly, add drama with false lashes and finish with a coat of mascara. Keep your lips neutral with nude waterproof liquid lipstick to balance the glittery eyes.


Look 3: Bold Boho-Chic Eyes

Embrace the boho-chic vibes of this Navratri with a bold and colorful eye makeup look. Start with a CMC Matte Foundation for a matte finish. For the eyes, use a vibrant eyeshadow palette and create a colorful smoky eye. Mix and match bright shades like teal, purple, and green to achieve that playful bohemian look. Line your lower lash line with a waterproof eyeliner for added intensity. Complete the look with a palette lipstick in a matching or contrasting shade.

look 3 – bold boho chic eyes

Look 4: Ethereal Goddess Glow

Channel your inner goddess this Navratri with a luminous and ethereal makeup look. Begin with a dewy base using a setting powder to lock in the glow. Opt for soft, glittery eyeshadows in champagne and rose gold hues for a celestial vibe. Use a premium highlighter to draw attention to the bridge of your nose, brow bone, and cheekbones. Keep the lips simple with a sheer gloss or a nude lip balm to let your radiant skin steal the show.

look 4 – setting powder and eye shadow

Look 5: Dramatic Smoky Eyes

A dramatic smokey eye is the way to go for individuals who want to make a striking statement on the dance floor. Start with a matte foundation for a flawless canvas. Use deep, smoldering eyeshadows like charcoal and dark plum to create a sultry smoky eye effect. For a seamless appearance, don't be afraid to pile on the eyeshadow and smooth it out. Pair this intense eye makeup with long-lasting lipstick in a deep berry or wine shade to complete the dramatic ensemble.


Look 6: Playful Pop of Color

Navratri is all about celebrating joy and color. Embrace the spirit of the festival with a playful pop of color in your eyes. Begin with a lightweight face palette makeup for a fresh and youthful appearance. Apply one intense shade of your eyeshadow palette all over your lids, such as electric blue or bright green. Line your lower lash line with a matching eyeliner for a cohesive look. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal with nude long-lasting lipstick to let your eyes be the center of attention.


Look 7: Glittery Glam Goddess

If you're in the mood for some serious glam, go all out with glitter. Start with a primer to create a smooth canvas. Use a glittery eyeshadow palette or loose glitter to create a dazzling eye makeup look. Apply the glitter to your lids and inner corners for maximum impact. To ensure it stays in place, use a glitter glue or setting spray. Pair your sparkly eyes with matte liquid lipstick in a bold, contrasting color for a stunning contrast.


Look 8: Bohemian Braids and Bronzed Beauty

For a bohemian-inspired look, focus on both your makeup and hairstyle. Begin with a bronzed makeup look using bronzer and a matte blush to sculpt your face. Opt for warm, earthy eyeshadows and a touch of mascara for your eyes. Then, style your hair in loose, tousled braids or beachy waves for that effortless boho vibe. Keep your lips natural with nude lipstick or lip balm for an understated, yet captivating appearance.

Look 9: Traditional Elegance with a Twist

Wrap up your Navratri makeup journey with a fusion of tradition and modernity. Start with a traditional base using a liquid foundation for a matte finish. For your eyes, incorporate classic elements like kohl-rimmed eyes and a winged liner. Add a twist by opting for a palette lipstick in a contemporary shade that complements your outfit. This look beautifully balances tradition and trendiness.


Makeup Tips for a Flawless Navratri Look

Now that you have nine stunning Navratri makeup looks to choose from, here are some essential makeup tips to ensure your face makeup stays flawless throughout the festivities:

  1. Prep Your Skin: Start with clean, well-moisturized skin to create a smooth canvas for your makeup. Use a primer to help your makeup adhere better and last longer.
  2. Set Your Makeup: Use a setting powder or setting spray to fix your makeup after each application, whether it's foundation, eyeshadow, or liquid lipstick.
  3. Waterproof Everything: Opt for waterproof makeup products, especially waterproof eyeliner and mascara, to prevent smudging during those energetic dance routines.
  4. Blotting Paper: Keep blotting paper handy to combat any excess shine that may develop as you dance the night away.
  5. Touch-Up Kit: Prepare a small makeup touch-up kit with essentials like waterproof lipstick, setting powder, and a travel-sized makeup brush for quick touch-ups.
  6. Hydration: To keep your skin appearing young and bright throughout the night, remember to stay hydrated.

In conclusion, Navratri is the perfect occasion to experiment with vibrant and festive makeup looks. Whether you prefer bold and dramatic or soft and ethereal, there's a Navratri makeup look for everyone. Remember to use high-quality makeup products like matte blush, the best translucent powder, and long-lasting lipstick to ensure your makeup lasts through energetic dance nights. So, get creative, have fun, and let your makeup shine as bright as your festive spirit this Navratri!