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    Buy Lipstick Online in India at the Best Prices from Charmacy Milano

    Lipsticks are a big deal these days. Choosing the best and the most long-lasting lipsticks at the most competitive prices online is a common demand in the world of makeup.

    To begin with, you must have a lipstick set with a variety of matte lipstick shades that would be perfect for any occasion. You can try and experiment with glosses as well if that's your vibe!

    Elevate Your Beauty with Premium-quality Lipsticks at Charmacy Milano!

    Charmacy Milano presents vegan and premium quality lipsticks that elevate your beauty and give you a confidence boost in no time. Given below are features that Charmacy Milano boasts when it comes to its premium-quality lipsticks:

    • Premium-quality finishes
    • Wide shade range
    • 100% authentic and free from toxins
    • Reasonable prices

    Charmacy brings you lipsticks in a plethora of different shades to choose from. This wide shade range ensures everyone selects their favorite shade based on their preferences.

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    Make the most of their BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer on lipsticks. This is a limited-period offer, which is only limited to this holiday season!

    Try these Sultry, Dazzling, and Shimmery Lipsticks available online at Charmacy Milano!

    Are you in love with matte? Or, are you more of a glossy-look person? No matter what your preferences are, Charmacy Milano has lipstick shades and finishes for everyone at the most reasonable prices. Here are the various kinds of long-lasting lipsticks offered by Charmacy Milano:

    Type of Charmacy Milano Lipstick


    Colours available



    Choose from Cherry Red, Brunette, Lazy Carmine, Love Punch, Fandango, Swagger, Coco Bear, Fuchsia Desire, Malva Plum, and Red Sangria.



    Colours range from Tan Nude, Bedtime Flirt, Birthday Suit, Letís Cuddle, Worn Fuzzy, Corset Love, Baby Doll, and Bikini Tan.



    Soft Luxurious Satin Matte lipsticks are carefully designed to complement every Indian skin tone available in several tones and shades.



    Choose from Cherry Red, Brunette, Lazy Carmine, Love Punch, Fandango, Swagger, Coco Bear, Fuchsia Desire, Malva Plum, and Red Sangria.



    Available in Flamenco Red, Berry Blast, Cherry Red, Razzle Dazzle, Plum, Rich Rose Wood, and True.



    Perfect for defining and contouring lips beautifully. Available in 3 shades & mild chocolate, dark cherry, and fire red.

    Lipsticks That Can Do More!

    Charmacy Milano has a vibrant collection of lipstick kits that can do lots more than just add color to your lips:

    • These long-lasting lipsticks hydrate and moisturize your lips.
    • They have the most alluring nude lipstick shades and liquid lipsticks that can give you the perfect pout and instill instant confidence.
    • Their lipstick sets can flexibly be used as a concealer, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, or even a bronzer!

    The Finesse and Finish of Charmacy Lipsticks

    Charmacy Milano’s mate lipsticks elegantly outline with the CMC lip liner are available in several shades. You have the liberty to choose these waterproof lipsticks according to your personality, preference, occasion, and attire. Also, the shade range is diverse- it ensures everyone gets to pick the perfect shade according to their skin tone.

    Lipsticks for Fair Skin Tones

    Fair skin tones can carry any shade with any outfit for any occasion. Even if you apply matte liquid lipstick or the best liquid lipstick in red or orange, you are ready for the party!

    Lipsticks for Medium Skin Tones

    For medium skin tones, it’s a win-win game, as you can apply any shade under the sun, from nudes to liquid matte lipsticks or glossy pinks and bold reds like a pro.  

    • Worn Fuzzy, Corset Love CMC flattering nude lipstick for the perfect pout
    • Missy & Fierce, Tangy Scarlet CMC long-stay matte lipstick to give your lips a smooth finish

    Lipstick for Deep Skin Tones

    Deep skin tones can aesthetically and glamorously pull off pink, dark, and nude liquid lipsticks and matte lipstick shades, like no other. So, take advantage of your beautiful tan and use the following best long-lasting lipsticks:

    • Dark Cherry CMC lip contour lip liner to outline your lips
    • Bedtime Flirt or Birthday Suit CMC flattering nude lipstick to match any occasion

    How to Apply a Lipstick Properly?

    Applying lipstick is an art!

    It requires expertise and practice to apply smashing liquid lipstick shades to the most sensuous and beautiful part of your face. 

    Here are some tips for applying lipstick properly and beautifully. Change your beauty game by adding these steps to your daily routine.

    Step 1 - Always start by applying lip balm for a glamorous, smooth, and shiny pout. 

    Step 2 - Apply a concealer base to correct the color unevenness of your lips. 

    Step 3 - Make sure you draw the outline of your lips to prevent color bleeding using the best lip liner. 

    Step 4 – Apply your Charmacy Milano lipstick and pinch your lips gently over a tissue, which helps the color stay in place for longer.

    Follow This Lip-Care Routine to Pull off the Look You Desire

    Follow these steps as a lip-care routine for the perfect look:

    Step 1 – Always use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lip-skin

    Step 2 – Don’t forget to splash on some lip balm

    Step 3 – You must define the shape of your lips using an authentic lip liner

    Step 4 - Only use lipsticks that are paraben-free, animal-tested, and non-toxic. 

    Why Choose Charmacy Milano?

    Charmacy Milano flaunts a massive variety of high-quality makeup products, from lipsticks to face products and eyeshadow palettes. The USP of Charmacy Milano is that their products are 100% Vegan.

    And they have some of the best matte lipsticks, nude lipsticksand the most exquisite and desirable liquid lipstick shades that are perfect for every skin type and tone!


    1. How do I choose a lipstick color?

    Choose your lipstick color according to your skin tone, costume, occasion, and the shape of your face and lips.

    2. Why use a Lipliner?

    After you exfoliate and moisturize your lips, you need a CMC lip contour lip liner to outline your lips. It allows you to apply lipstick from the center outwards. Now all you need to do is blot, blend and merge the color.

    3. Which lipstick goes with every dress?

    Nude shades or universal tones like Red or Pink go well with every dress. You can try these shades in CMC Longstay Liquid/Matte, Flattering Nude, Satin Matte, and Luxe Crème Charmacy Milano lipsticks

    4. Is it ok to wear lipstick every day?

    Yes, as lipsticks keep the lips moisturized, prep them alluringly and enrich your lips with natural feel-good ingredients.

    5. What are the benefits of wearing lipstick?

    Wearing lipstick every day has several benefits. Let’s explore:

    • You appear attractive and confident
    • Lipsticks hydrate, protect, and moisturize your lips
    • Lipsticks are like sunscreen for your lips
    • They define the shape of your lips and brighten your smile.

    6. Which lipstick is best for daily use?

    Charmacy Milano lipsticks are the best as they are branded, with Paraben-free, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and dermatologically safe ingredients.