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    Mascara: For Well-Defined, Beautiful Lashes

    Every woman’s eye makeup kit is incomplete without Mascara. Whether worn with heavy eye makeup like eyeliner, Kajal, and eye shadow or simply worn on a no-makeup look, Mascara is the ultimate beauty foundation that adds volume, life, and vigor to your natural eyelashes. 

    Best Waterproof Mascara: Get The Latest Eye Mascara Online

    Your eyes are one of the most sensitive features, yet when doing makeup, one of the most prominent areas is where you can use your creativity and attract the right kind of attention with sleek, chic, and polished eye makeup. This is incomplete without Mascara, but you must only get waterproof Mascara from the best brands online.

    Choose Charmacy’s CMC True & False Mascara and CMC 360 Deg Volume Mascara, which prevents breakage, is the best Mascara for volume, and protects your eyes and lashes with its smudge-proof and waterproof formula. You can Buy Best Eye Mascara for Online | Charmacy Milanouse these Mascaras to curve, thicken, lengthen, or straighten your lashes for the most dazzling look. The best feature is that if the formula of these eye makeup products comes into contact with sweat, water, or tears, they don’t start draining off your eyes. You must try them out along with Charmacy’s eye makeup products like eyeliner, eye shadow, and eyebrow pencils.

    Step By Step Guide on How to Apply Mascara

    Here is what you need to do to apply Mascara like a Pro:

    Step 1 – Wash your face and clean your lashes

    Step 2 – If possible, curl them using an eyelash curler

    Step 3 – Use an eyelash primer or just powder to prime your lashes and prepare them for the Mascara. This also keeps the strands protected

    Step 4 – Now apply the Mascara and apply as many as 1-3 layers of it for a more dramatic look

    How to Pick the Right Mascara for Your Eyes

    Mascaras are available in a wide variety. Here we will discuss the different kinds of Mascaras you can try:

    1. Use Transparent Mascara, if you have naturally long and luscious lashes. This also maintains a natural and pristine look
    2. Use ophthalmologist-tested Mascaras if you have an eye infection or sensitive eyes. Also, if you wear contact lenses, use hypoallergenic ones, that are chemical-free and organic.
    3. Go for curling and waterproof mascaras if you have hooded eyes. Applying normal Mascara can smudge your upper eyelid and make it a very uncomfortable position for you. To make your eyes look bigger, invest in Charmacy’s 360 Deg Volume Mascara, which keeps your eyes protected, is the best Mascara for volume, and doesn’t get transferred to your skin
    4. Try Charmacy Milano’s CMC True & False Mascara, especially if you have dry eyes. If your eyes don’t naturally self-hydrate, a normal mascara may flake off, leading to a dismantled look. Trust a branded waterproof mascara for such situations.
    5. Waterproof Mascara is highly recommended for watery eyes

    Is it Safe to Apply Eye Mascara Daily?

    Yes! It is safe to use Mascara daily, only if you use chemical-ridden and safe products, like the ones offered by Charmacy Milano. However, experts discourage you from using it frequently so that your eyelashes are protected. If you do want to use Mascara every day, you must take the following precautions:

    1. Always read the ingredients of the Mascara you are investing in. If you see the product laden with harmful chemicals and too many toxins, it is better to tuck your Mascara away only for formal parties.
    2. Go for Mascaras, which is ophthalmologist-tested. Only trust the best Mascara that can protect your eyes while giving you a stunning look.
    3. Experts advise changing your mascaras every two months to avoid infections. Also, never lend your eye products to anyone, and don’t use anyone else’s
    4. It is recommended never to sleep with your Mascara on. It can cause irritation and inflammation. You must remove it gently, using olive oil, as the wax-laden Mascara can damage your lashes if worn at night.

    Why Choose Charmacy Milano Mascara?

    Charmacy Milano has some of the best makeup products, which guarantee cruelty-free, 100% vegan, toxin-free, and organic beauty products. Charmacy offers the best Mascara in its top two varieties - CMC True & False Mascara and CMC 360 Deg Volume Mascara, which promise unbelievable length and 3x more volume with ultra-defining and lightweight Fibres.

    You can get voluminous lashes such as buildable mascaras that lengthen your true lashes and give you a rich ultra-thick look in an ultra-black tone. The dense bristles are curated for XXL volume and tend to separate each strand like a comb for well-defined lashes.

    Charmacy Milano’s Mascara is waterproof, hassle, and stress-free and comes with no-mess and flake-proof formulas. Try these top-rated eye mascaras that are safe and compatible with your eyes and skin.


    1.  How many layers of Mascara should I wear?

    You can apply 1-3 layers of Mascara, however, you must avoid overdoing it, as your Mascara can begin to flake if too much is applied. Up to 3 coatings are enough to give a dramatic, full, and luscious look to your lashes.

    2.  Should I wear Mascara on my lower lashes as well?

    If you want to highlight your lower lids, especially when wearing Kajal, you must wear Mascara on your lower lashes too. Also, if you are aiming for a heavy look, wherein you have applied eye shadow, eyeliner, and Mascara on the upper lashes, it is recommended to complete the look, by, applying a coat on the lower ones as well.

    3.  Can I apply Mascara daily?

    Although you can, it’s better to avoid using it every day, as it may damage the quality and strength of your lashes. If you have to, you must only trust high-end brands like Charmacy, and use their eye products, which are 100% organic and chemical-free! For an everyday look, if you want a no-makeup touch, applying just Mascara in eye makeup looks ravishing.