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    Choosing The Right Eyeshadow Palette - From Bold Colors, Subtle Mattes, Or Stand-Out Shimmers!

    One of the most attractive features of your face is your eyes. Using the right eyeshadow palette accentuates your eyes' beauty, depth, and dimension. It highlights the colour of your eyes and makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

    By using the right technique, brand, combination, and hues when applying the best eyeshadow palette, you can give yourself a dazzling look and draw immediate attention to your eyes. You can go for a basic, sultry, or bold look by applying the best eyeshadow appropriately on the lower side of the brow bone.

    Let us learn more about the enchanting look you can get from eye shadows and the best eye shadow kits you can invest in!

    Types of Eye Shadow

    You must choose the right eye shadow kit considering your skin complexion, type, occasion, attire, and experience level. Let us look at some of the various kinds available:

    The Matte and Metallic Look

    The matte look is a classic soft look that is great for any occasion at any time of the day. Create a statement with a bold metallic shade but keep its undertone.

    Matte and metallic shades stay longer and are perfect for an everyday look. Choose CMC Gradient Eyeshadows Palette by Charmacy Milano, which offers 12 shades for the perfect matte or metallic look.

    Go for the Shimmering Glitter Eyeshadow

    Want your eyes to shine and glow? A glitter eyeshadow looks sensuous and is perfect for a semi-formal/formal occasion. Use Charmacy Milano's CMC Star Bomb Eye Shadow, which comes with 6 galaxy shades and offers great pigmentation.

    This duo chrome eyeshadow creates a lustrous look and can be used as a lip shimmer or highlighter. Just carry the glitter eyeshadow palette compact pack in your pocket and give your eyes a touch-up whenever needed.

    Crayon Eyeshadow

    More often found in powder form, this eyeshadow makeup is great for beginners and people with oily eyelids. It gives the perfect matte look and is great for everyday wear.

    Go For A Mix Of Metallic, Shimmer, And Matte

    Why go for one when you can have all in one with CMC Eye Shadow 12 Colors Palette? You can create versatile looks with these complementary hues that glide easily and are long-lasting.

    The Perfect Multichromatic Look

    Why try the single chrome eyeshadow makeup kit when you can have multiple hues on your eyelids? The CMC Insane Shifters Eye Shadow comes in 6 attractive shades, and its creamy texture gives you a smooth multi-chrome eyeshadow coverage. This small eyeshadow palette can be carried everywhere.

    Add The WOW Factor With A Liquid Eyeshadow

    The CMC Insane Shifters Liquid Eye Shadow comes with 12 multichromatic shimmering shades that glide easily, are mess-free, give rich pigmentation, and are long-lasting.

    Loose Powder Eyeshadow

    You can go for the powdered one for a sheer finish that is dusted on the lids. It stays long and comes in sharp shades, but beware of the mess or fallout it may create later.

    How To Choose The Perfect Makeup Eyeshadow Palette That Suits Your Personality And Needs?

    You need to choose the right eye shadow to apply your eye shadow like a professional makeup artist. You can trust Charmacy Milano and its beautiful eye shadow options.

    • Before investing your money in eye shadow – be ready to experiment with the matte and shimmer look and have both in your makeup kit.
    • Choose a shade that compliments your complexion and skin tone.
    • For an afternoon pool party, go for the dramatic green, blue, pink, or yellow eye shadow.
    • A smokey-eye look is in and is perfect for any occasion

    Tips For Applying Eyeshadow Like A Professional

    Here are some of the best tips and techniques to apply eye shadow like a pro:

    • The first thing is the use of the right brush. Many use fingers to apply eye shadow, but you need a brush to merge and blend the product perfectly.
    • Create a base and make your eye makeup stay longer by using an eye shadow primer.
    • The magical three steps of applying eye shadow the best way are to start with blending, then defining, and finally highlighting or shimmering it.

    Why Choose Charmacy Milano Eyeshadow?

    Charmacy Milano offers some of the most stunning varieties and shades of eye shadows that promise innovation, trends, and affordability. You can redefine your fashion and style quotient with Charmacy Milano products, which are of genuine quality, organic, cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and cruelty-free.


    What does eyeshadow makeup do?

    You can use an eye shadow on your eyes, under your eyes, brow bones, and even cheeks. Eye shadows draw immediate attention to your eyes and make you look more attractive, charming, and outstanding.

    How do you apply eyeshadow step by step?

    Here are the steps:

    Step 1 – Prep up your skin and use the foundation first

    Step 2 – Use an eye shadow primer that will hold the look

    Step 3 – You can use a concealer for a clean look

    Step 4 – Pick the best eye shadow and apply it from lashes to brows.

    Step 5 – Use eyeliner and define your eyes

    Step 6 – Use an eyeshadow shimmer to brighten your eyes

    How do you do shadow eye makeup?

    Choose the right makeup brush to start with shadow eye makeup. Apply a base eyeshadow to the lid and use a darker shade in the crease of the eye. You can highlight the final look with a shimmer, and you are ready to attract attention to your eyes.

    Is eyeshadow before or after foundation?

    To avoid any kind of fallout or merging issues, it is recommended to go for the foundation before the eye shadow. The best sequence is to go for foundation, eye shadow primer, eye shadow, and eyeliner.

    Is it eyeliner first or eyeshadow?

    It is always the eye shadow first. Use fine pencil lines to shape the wings, and then trace the lid with a soft liquid eyeliner. This will give a defined and sharp look to your eyes.

    How Do I Create A Unique Eye Shadow Look?

    You can create a unique eye shadow look by choosing an eye shadow shade that complements the colour of your eyes, using the right makeup brush, applying the eye shadow to the lid, or highlighting your lashes with a shimmery eye shadow.