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    Get Attractive, Natural-Looking Brows With An Eyebrow Pencil

    Eyebrow Pens or Pencils are an integral constituent of your eye makeup kit, which add color, definition, shape, and fillers for your eyebrows. Eyebrow pencils, if bought from the right brand, contain a good level of pigment formula and give your brows a smooth, gorgeous, and realistic look.

    You can try a dramatic or bold look or just highlight your natural brows for a smartly-sculpted brow line. Eyebrow pencils become necessary if you have uneven eyebrows, missing hair strands, or discolored brows.

    If you want to shape them well and draw attention to your eyes, you need to work on your eyebrows with a good eyebrow pencil, adding glamour and appeal to your eyes.

    Why Should You Use An Eyebrow Pencil?

    Eye makeup is incomplete without perfectly defines eyebrows. It lends the desired appearance, confident attitude, and an attractive look to your eyes, making them more expressive and stunning. Your eye makeup kit should constitute a kajal, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and an eyebrow pencil, giving you a perfect look for an occasion. Eyebrow pencils give your brows a feathered appearance and your facial features the right symmetry.

    Learn More About Eyebrow Pencils

    An eyebrow pencil is one of the most important accessories that you must have in your makeup kit. The shades of black-brown-grey eyebrow pencils define and shape your eyebrows, match beautifully with your skin complexion, and give a fuller and thicker brow line, making your eyes expressive and attractive.

    You can find the best eyebrow makeup pencils in several designs, hues, textures, and formulas. Let us take a look at the best eyebrow pencils:

    1. The CMC Duo Eyebrow Filler & Eyeliner Sketch naturally styles and evenly fills your brows with its natural strokes and glide-on texture. It has a precise felt tip which gives you a smudge-proof and water-resistant look,
    2. Charmacy Milano’s CMC Intense Eyebrow Filler comes with a built-in spoolie brush and a triangular pencil tip which help you create smooth hair-like strokes with a matte finish.
    3. CMC Ultra Defining Eyebrow Pencil comes with a microfine tip and just opens with a twist. It is perfect for the right shape and color of your eyebrows.
    4. Duo Eyebrow Filler & Ultra Definer comes with a matte finish and gives you a softer look and evenly filled brows.  

    MC Ultra Thin Stroke Pen is a smudge-proof formula that comes with a bold brow pigment and promises a 12-hour wear time. Its unique fork-shaped brush is perfect for the right stroke and shape.

    Tips For Selecting The Right Eyebrow Pencil


    Here are some tips and techniques to pick the right eyebrow palette:

    1. Ensure that the eyebrow liner color matches your skin and hair color. A dark or lighter shade can make it look artificial
    2. For Brown Hair - Go for a darker brown shade if you have brown hair and a light skin tone
    3. For Black Hair - Black eyebrow makeup pencils are best for people who have dark hair and skin tone
    4. For Blonde Hair - A light brown eyebrow pencil is best to accentuate eyebrows for people with brown hair and lighter-shaded eyebrows
    5. For Grey or white Hair - A greyish-black or light-brown eyebrow definer works best for people with red hair and a wheatish skin tone

    For Red Hair - Opt for deep brown, honey, camel, or ginger eyebrow fillers for red or burgundy hair, and make sure it suits your skin tone as well.

    How to Use the Eyebrow Pencil - Step-by-step Guide

    Follow these steps to use the eyebrow pencil:

    Step 1 – Define your eyebrows well

    The first thing to do is to map your eyebrows perfectly and define their shape for the perfect arch.

    Step 2 – Fill your brows

    Identify thin areas, and use light strokes in an upward direction using the slip tip of the eyebrow pencil to give an even look to your brows.

    Step 3 – Blend it well

    The last step is to add fine lines to give a perfectly natural brow look.

    Buy Eyebrow Pencil Online From Charmacy Milano

    Charmacy Milano offers five kinds of eyebrow enhancers along with 4 tip eyebrow pencils, to give you thick, well-lined, and polished eyebrows. It is highly recommended for beginners to go for pencils rather than gel or powder-based eyebrow definers for a hassle-free experience.

    You will find beautiful shades, the best microblade eyebrow pens, and the perfect pencil strokes from the brand that complements every type of hair color and skin tone. You must visit the online platform to find the best eyebrow palette and pair it with other accessories like eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara. Besides, the discount available on almost item and a BOGO free on lipsticks is something you wouldn’t want to miss!

    Why Choose Charmacy Milano Eyebrow makeup?

    Charmacy Milano offers a plethora of original, 100% organic, cruelty-free, and vegan makeup products, which come with lucrative offers and fall within an affordable range. Whether it's eye makeup, face makeup, or exquisite lip shades, the brand has it all, perfect for every skin type and tone!


    1. Are eyebrow pencils and eyeliners the same?

    Eyebrow pencils are different from eyeliners as they are a little waxier. You can use an eyebrow pencil as an eyeliner, but you must layer it for appropriate pigmentation. You can also use eyeliner of the right shade for your brows.

    2.  How do you make your thin eyebrow seem fuller?

    You can use Charmacy Milano’s Duo Eyebrow Filler & Ultra Definer to give your brows a bolder and thicker appearance. You can use its unique triangular pencil tip to shape and fill your brows which is easy to apply and is long-lasting.

    3.  What are eyebrow pencils made of?

    Eyebrow pencils are made of white, red, black, and yellow pigments and then are mixed with stearic acid, wax, and oils to thicken the texture, prevent it from smearing, and bind the ingredients together.