An All-Inclusive Handbook on Lipstick: Understanding Different Types and Shades

An All-Inclusive Handbook on Lipstick: Understanding Different Types and Shades

Lipsticks go beyond being a cosmetic product. They are statements in style, confidence, and self-indulgence. No wonder they have been around since ancient times, yet their popularity remains as strong as ever. The world of lipstick has evolved a lot over the years. Today they come in various shades, textures, and types designed to resonate with your personality. Knowing about lipstick's different types and shades will enable you to make an informed choice. We at Charmacy have developed this concise guide to help you out.   Come, let's dive into the pigmented world to strengthen your lipstick game.

Types and Shades of Lipsticks

Here are the major lipstick types and shades that you need to be aware of:

Velvet Matte Lipstick: Win Over With an Understated Velvety Finish

A chic velvet matte lipstick is all about sophisticated elegance. It's just what you need to lend your lips a burst of colour that is smooth in texture and shine-free. This lipstick matte has a charm and beauty distinct from the lustrous look offered by glossy or sheer lipsticks.     

You can get these lipsticks in all possible colours. The best part is that they tick the box for long-lasting lipstick waterproof variety. Go for them when out for brunch or a casual get-together.

Liquid Lipstick: Make the Right Move in the Classic Way

The smooth formulations of liquid lipsticks have always been popular. It stands between a velvet matte and a glossy lipstick.

When you want the best of these two varieties, you can't go wrong with liquid lipsticks. Their smudge-proof and transfer-proof qualities add to the attraction of these lipsticks. Go for them in classic colours, or opt for contemporary metallic hues.

Glossy Lipstick: Dazzle With a Lustrous Dose of Glamour

Glossy lipsticks attract instant attention thanks to their high luminosity and moisture quotient. If you prefer a shiny finish for your pout, this lipstick will be your perfect match. The lush translucent finish of these lipsticks makes them a nice choice for thin and dry lips. Go for high-shine bright glossy shades during evening parties. A lighter shade will be a preferable choice for a daytime event.

Sheer or Satin Lipstick: Spin a Tale of Sparkle and Shine

A little sparkle on your lips can go a long to enhance your look. Sheer lipstick can work out this magic for you easily. Thanks to their higher oil content, such lipsticks glide over your lips and offer a soft, hydrated finish. You can start by touching your lips with a light wash of colour and then layer up to create a mesmerising effect.
These high-pigmented lipsticks appear in rich tones. The only hitch is that they don't fall under the long-lasting lipstick bracket. You will have to touch up every 4-5 hours to maintain the effect. Sheer lipsticks work well with everything, right from your daytime attire to your evening party wear.

Creamy or Crème Lipstick: Get Ready to Take on the World

If you like the feel of well-hydrated lips but want a look that resembles matte lipstick shades, you will love wearing creamy lipstick. These lipsticks feature a high wax content and ensure a hydrated feel. The texture has a hint of gloss. It is an ideal choice for daily wear.

Since these lipsticks come in various hues, you can have a lot of fun experimenting with them.

Nude Lipstick: Steal the Show Effortlessly

The nude lipstick look is a classic one, something that you can sport at all times and for all occasions. The beauty of these lipsticks is that they work well with everything, right from minimal makeup to bold looks for special occasions.

While there are several nude lipstick shades, it will be best to choose one that matches your skin tone, texture, and pigmentation level.

Metallic or Frosted Lipstick: Shine Like a Diva

Metallic or frosted lipsticks create the illusion of fuller and plumper lips by making them sparkle and glisten. If that is what you want out of your lipstick, feel free to get a metallic lipstick set and amp up your look. These lipsticks are highly pigmented. But they tend to dry your lips. So, take care to moisturise your lips before applying these lipsticks.

Why Select Lipsticks at Charmacy: A Brand That Echoes Quality and Sustainability

There's no denying that your lipstick can make or break your look. Charmacy brings you an exceptional collection of lipsticks and lipstick kits. However, the lipsticks at Charmacy aren't just about colours. They are also about a blend of quality and individuality.

Designed as much for the carefree soul as for the demure one, the range of lipsticks at Charmacy encourages you to be yourself. They are your key to embracing yourself just as you are and showing the world your confident stride.  

The origin of this brand traces its root to a genuine love for and understanding of cosmetics. Every lipstick by Charmacy comes from the brand's manufacturing unit to ensure the highest level of quality. This is in line with the brand's commitment to innovation and integrity.

Final Words

Lipsticks are a simple and easy way to accentuate your look and take it to the next level. Whether you prefer a no-makeup look or want to appear glamorous, the right lipstick can do half the work on your behalf. So, go ahead, select the right lipsticks, and enjoy discovering a new you!