How To Use An Eyeshadow Palette In More Ways Than One

How To Use An Eyeshadow Palette In More Ways Than One

An eyeshadow palette is a versatile product that you can use in more ways than one to enhance your makeup. With a variety of colours and textures, it offers endless possibilities to experiment and enhance your look.

Discover eight ways to accentuate your makeup game with your eye shadow kit.

Apply As A Brow Powder To Fill In Your Arches

Do you love the look of thick full brows? Your eyeshadow makeup kit can help you to enhance your arches without investing in fancy eyebrow products.

Just fill in your brows with an eyeshadow hue that matches their colour. For best results, use a stiff angled brush while filling in. Finally, blend out using your eye shadow brush to ensure a soft finish.

Use As A Contour To Ensure A Chiselled Look

High cheekbones never fail to draw attention. But not everyone is born with them. You can use your eyeshadow makeup palette to augment the shadow under your cheekbones and lend your face sharper angles.

All you need to do is select an eyeshadow hue a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. Apply this contour under your cheekbones with an eyeshadow brush and blend well using a fluffy brush for a natural look.

Wear As A Highlighter To Accentuate Your Best Features

The magic of a highlighter is that it attracts light and enhances your skin tone while ensuring a better dimension for your face.

Pick a shimmering nude brown shade from your eyeshadow makeup kit and apply it to the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones and nose bridge.

If you want a more dramatic finish, opt for glitter eyeshadow to highlight the high points of your face. A metallic or gold eyeshadow applied to your eyes' inner corner will instantly brighten them up.

Dab As A Nude Lipstick To Flaunt A Sophisticated Look

Lips may not be the first thing that comes to mind when using your best eye shadow kit. But your eyeshadow can be perfect for use as a nude lipstick.

When you want a sophisticated and classy look for your lips, dab a bit of concealer on them. Follow it with a gentle application of nude eyeshadow on your pout. Blend well using a brush or finger, and get ready to receive plenty of compliments.

Apply With Lipstick To Create The Impression Of Fuller Lips

No matter whether you have a small eyeshadow palette or a large one, as long as it features a shimmery white eyeshadow, you can use it to make your lips appear fuller.

After wearing your lipstick, dab a small amount of the eyeshadow onto your fingertip. Gently press the eyeshadow to the centre of your lips. This trick helps to attract attention to the fullest part of your mouth. This simple eyeshadow application technique will make your lips appear fuller and bigger.

Put On As A Wet Eyeliner To Define Your Eyes

Eyeliners aren't the only thing that can shape your eyes and enhance their dimension. Your eyeshadow can be equally good for this purpose. Liquid eyeshadow is all you need to step up your eye makeup game.       

Use an angled brush to sweep some eyeshadow along your eyelash line. If you want more intense results, dampen the brush and repeat the process. When it comes to the choice of colours, it's all up to you.

Use As A Blush To Add A Youthful Glow To Your Skin

You can apply your best eyeshadow palette to blush your cheeks like contouring. Since eyeshadows are often more pigmented than blushes, apply just a small amount of your chosen shadow on your cheeks. Blend gently using a brush until you get the desired effect.

Opt for a satin or matte finish for maximum effect when you use eyeshadow as a blush.

Apply As Hair-Color Touch-Up To Hide Roots

When you want a quick touch-up to hide your hair roots, the good old eyeshadow palette can come to your rescue in this case as well. Select an eyeshadow with a shade similar to your hair colour. Next, part your hair using a makeup brush and then apply the shadow onto your roots. Use a brush to conceal the more noticeable areas of your hairline.

This may not be a permanent solution, but it can be an instant solution when you cannot go to the salon and need to fix your hair roots immediately.


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