5 Surprising Ways to Utilize Loose Powder You Probably Never Imagined

Ways to use best loose powder

We all strive to look our best every day, exuding confidence and slaying the day with a perfect blend of makeup. We invest in various makeup products that we consider essential, such as foundation, concealer, and lipstick. However, amidst all these products, one gem often gets overlooked—the translucent powder.


What is the essential product for makeup?

When it comes to essential makeup products, we often think of moisturizers, primers, foundation, concealer, contour, lipstick, eyeshadow, and highlighter. These items are considered the building blocks of a flawless makeup look. However, there's one crucial product that deserves more recognition—the loose powder.


But why should you need loose powder?

Well, setting powder plays a crucial role in creating a smooth layer of foundation over your skin, resulting in a flawless and smooth complexion. We all know how the temperature can rise, and it takes no time to start sweating once we step out in the sun. That's where the best translucent powder, like CMC set & fix loose powder, comes to the rescue. It absorbs excess oil and moisture, helping to keep your makeup intact throughout the day.

As the climate changes, so should our makeup routine. With the onset of the monsoon season, the level of humidity in the atmosphere drastically changes, affecting our skin. Whether it becomes oily or dry, the loose-setting powder can come to our rescue.


Why use loose-setting powder throughout the year?

Setting powder not only helps to set the base of our foundation but also helps to absorb excess oil and sweat. It creates a smooth layer of foundation on the face, giving a flawless look. So, why not be ready to beat the humidity with our setting powder makeup?


Loose powder makeup for oily skin?

Foundation often doesn't stay put for long when your skin is oily. This can happen to anyone due to changes in climate. The best solution is to use loose powder makeup, which absorbs excess oil and helps your makeup last longer. It's like the best festival for your face!


Loose powder makeup for dry skin?

Many people with dry skin tend to avoid loose powder makeup, fearing that it will make their skin even drier and appear flaky. However, dabbing a suitable loose-setting powder is essential, as it forms a smooth base for the foundation and gives you a flawless result without drying out your skin.

Setting face powder offers many other features that are often underappreciated. Let's reveal them one by one, shall we?



Lock Your Makeup in Place:

When applying makeup, setting your base with setting powder is essential for a perfect makeup look. After moisturizing, priming, applying concealer, and foundation, blend them well to create a smooth layer. Then, take a brush or makeup sponge and gently dab the powder all over your face to set the base. By doing this, the setting powder will absorb any excess oil on your skin, ensuring that your base stays locked in for a longer duration. This is especially beneficial for those with oily skin, as it captures and locks excess oil, giving you an oil-free look.


Crease-Free Eye Makeup:

We all desire flawless eye makeup, but our eyelids often have creases that create an uneven surface for makeup application. To avoid this, simply dab a small amount of setting powder on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. This little trick will provide a smooth canvas for your eye makeup, allowing it to stay crease-free throughout the day.


Skip a hair day:

We all know the efforts that we take to wash our hair but the real effort are made when we convince ourselves that we have to wash our hair as they have started to be oily.  But with loose powder, we can skip the hair day, and yet our hair will be non-greasy. For that, we need to spread the loose powder over the scalp and rub it to remove the excess. As the setting powder will pull all the oil and absorb it, making the scalp oil-free and non-greasy.


Have Thick Lashes to flaunt:

We all desire to have thick lashes and make our eyes speak. But applying mascara doesn’t make the lash thicker. To make the lash thick we need to wear fake lashes or apply infinite coats but again too much hustle. To avoid that hustle we can opt for loose powder. 

Here are the tricks

  1. After applying the first coat of the mascara, apply some loose powder to your lashes to get a fuller look.
  2. Again finish it up with a smooth layer of mascara and be done.
  3. Within 5 min you are ready with thick eyelashes.


Achieve Transfer-Proof Lipstick:

  1. The loose powder can assist you produce a matte lip look and make your lipstick transfer-proof, which may sound unusual. How to rock matte lips is as follows:
  2. Apply two coats of lipstick and wait a few minutes for it to dry.
  3. Position a tissue over your lips, then lightly pat the setting powder on top of the tissue.
  4. Rub your lips collectively to mix the lipstick and powder. You can confidently embrace your bold lip look thanks to this easy trick that will extend the wear of your lipstick and stop any transfer.


Carry Your Saviour Everywhere:

Make sure to add the loose powder to your everyday bag. Whenever you feel the sweat on your forehead or need a quick touch-up, reach for your trusty setting powder. Simply dab it all over your face, focusing on any areas that need a little extra attention. And voila! You're ready to conquer the day with your refreshed and long-lasting makeup. This portable beauty essential ensures that your makeup stays fresh and flawless throughout the day, no matter what challenges you face.


So, don't underestimate the power of setting powder in your everyday makeup routine. It is truly a must-have makeup essential that ensures a long-lasting, flawless finish. Invest in a good quality setting powder like CMC set & fix loose powder and enjoy the benefits of a locked-in makeup look, crease-free eye makeup, transfer-proof lipstick, and the convenience of touch-ups on the go. With setting powder by your side, you'll be effortlessly slaying your everyday makeup, facing the world with confidence and style.