Lip Liner Application: All You Need to Know!

Lip Liner Application | Charmacy Lip Liners

One of the most attractive facial features is your lips, and to get the perfectly accentuated pout, the right dimension, and a well-lined lip curve, you need a lip liner. Whether you invest in a crayon lip liner, a lip liner pencilor a roll-up lip liner, if you don’t know how to meticulously use it to add depth, dimension, volume, and shape to your lips, it’ll not be of any use.

Read on to explore how you can use the best lip liner in four simple steps.

Steps for apply Lip Liner | Charamcy Lip Liner

What Is A Lip Liner?

A lip liner draws the shape of your lips, integrates seamlessly with the filled-in lipstick, and overlines your lips. It helps your lipstick stay within the boundary and last longer. One of the best purposes of a lip liner pencil is that, if used correctly, you can create an impression of fuller lips. It makes your lipstick look much better and creates a much more attractive makeup look.

Given below are some of the core features of a lip liner.

  • A lip liner preps your lips and adds pigment to create distinct boundaries.
  • Subtle shades enhance your skin complexion and match almost every soft lipstick shade. You can also dare to go bold and glossy with your lipstick liner and matching lip shade.
  • A moisturizing lip liner is undoubtedly the best lip liner available in the market. Try the CMC lip contour lip liner by Charmacy Milano to contour your lips beautifully, eliminate feathering, and prevents lipstick bleeding. Make sure your lip liner pencil has a creamy texture and semi-matte finish that can easily glide on your lips without breakages or smudges.

Charmacy Lip Liners | Lip Liners for easy Lipstick Application

4 Steps to Apply Lip Liners 

This is especially for you if you are a beginner in the field of makeup. Follow the steps mentioned below to apply your lip liner in a precise manner.

Step 1 – Clean and hydrate your lips using a lip balm so that the lip liner can glide on smoothly

Step 2 – Choose a branded lipstick liner and make sure the shade matches your lipstick

Step 3 – Start from the extreme edges and then move towards the inward curve of your upper lip. Repeat the process with the lower lip.

Step 4 – Lastly, apply your lip pencil, and fill your lips evenly with color. Chap your lips to spread the color and blend it with lipstick.

10 Additional Tips and Techniques to Apply a Lip Liner Smoothly

Besides following the above-mentioned procedure, you can also follow the tips and tricks below to add warmth, volume, depth, and dimension to your lips.

  1. You can pre-fill your lips with the lip liner- this makes your lipstick stay longer as the texture holds your lip shade tightly.
  2. You can try exfoliating your lips before hydrating them, as mentioned in step 1. It makes your lips look full.
  3. Choose your lip liner pencil color very carefully. Some of the best lip liner shades are mild chocolate (browns), dark cherry (pinks), or fiery red (bold shades). The rule is that your chosen lip liner should be slightly darker than your lipstick shade. Other popular shades are peach, coral, and pastel shades.
  4. Another way to add that extra touch to your lip shade is to stretch a small line in the middle of your lips, create a small shadow, and then fill your lips with complementary lipstick.
  5. You can also blend your lip liner with your concealer to give a more defined look to your lips.
  6. Once you are done with the lip liner application, you can give a final touch-up to your lips by adding some gloss to it
  7. You can also dab your lips with a brush, tissue paper, or just your fingers for the perfect matte finish.
  8. Several brands offer the latest lip pencils with a pointed pencil-like structure. So, this is a two-in-one feature product, using which you can outline your lips and fill them with an exquisite shade.
  9. Always use the lip line before you apply lipstick. It should never be the other way around.


In today's time, make sure you always carry a lip liner pencil in your makeup kit, as it's one of the latest accessories that is slowly becoming indispensable. 

Lip liners are all about precision, sensuality, grace, poise, and a tool that contributes to your lips' perfect shape. 

These tools give you a defined and refined lip shape, which can be filled in with lipstick later. One of the latest trends is to simply apply a soft lip pencil, and not fill the lip space with lipstick. So, just follow the steps, and step out boldly with those perfect facial features and the best makeup.