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Dramatically reduce the appearance of pores with this water-resistant primer. Its smooth-glide texture and satin-smooth formula creates flawless skin. 

With three major benefits, the CMC Pro-pore conceal primer blurs pores, mattifies shine, and makes your foundation last longer. It smoothens and preps skin for makeup as it fills in the pores and fine lines, providing a smooth canvas for your creativity.

Its smooth-glide texture leaves a soft, even finish. It complements all skin tones and is ideal for all skin types. Another advantage? It won't cause breakouts! 

MRP Rs. 1450(inclusive of all taxes)

Net Wt - 40ml

Country Of Origin – China,PRC

Manufacturer – Hangzhou Charm Beauty Technology Co., LTD

No.21, Kongjiali, shanyi community, Changhe Sub- district Binjiang, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. 321100

Imported and Marketed by – Charmacy India Pvt Ltd

B-502/503, Neelkanth Business Park , Vidyavihar West, Vidyavihar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086

Dimension : 4*4*15.5


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Everything You Need to Know About Primers

Just like you draw a beautiful painting on a flawless canvas, your face primer performs the same job creating a sturdy, strong, and impeccable canvas to hold your face makeup or highlight your eye makeup. You can call primers the Photoshop of the real world. Mainly used beneath your eyeshadow, foundation, and mascara, it gives a long-lasting effect to your face makeup and eye coverage.

Read on to explore everything you need to know about applying the best Face Primer.

What Is the Difference Between a Primer and a Moisturizer?

Moisturizers moisten your skin and protect it. Primers do the same and much more. You can add a layer of primer makeup over your moisturizer and soak up the excess oil in your skin.

Use Charmacy’s CMC Pro-Pore Conceal Primer that will hide your pores, pigmentation, and blemishes, reduce redness and acne marks, and smoothen the base to keep your makeup put for several hours. It is the best primer for all skin types. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry or oily skin, flaky or combination skin, a primer works wonderfully every time.

What Are the Different Kinds of Primers That You Can Use?

The different kinds of primers available in the online and offline market are:

  • Pore-minimizing Primers for those who specifically want to conceal their large pores and create a wonderful primer makeup base.
  • Matt Primers protect your makeup from melting, shining too much, or turning into patches.
  • Illuminating Primers for a magnificent radiance, shine, and shimmer.
  • Hydrating Primers hold your makeup and keep your skin soft, hydrated, and plump.

One of the best kinds of primer you can use is Charmacy’s CMC Pro-Pore Conceal Primer, which diminishes the pores, eradicates fine lines, evens out skin texture and tone, makes your foundation stay longer, and mattifies your shine without causing breakouts. This is a water-resistant primer that gives your skin a smooth-glide texture. Its best feature is that it complements all skin tones and is ideal for all skin types.

Invest in Primers according to Your Skin Type:

Let us look at the kind of primers you must purchase according to the skin type that you have:

  • If you are looking for a primer for oily skin, go for a mattifying primer with a matte finish so that the oily sheen on your skin disappears. Primers with a matt finish are the best primer for oily skin as they are generally weightless, cover the pores, hide fine lines, and prevent skin clogging.
  • When buying a primer for dry skin, look for one that moisturizes and hydrates your skin. Try Charmacy’s CMC Pro-Pore Conceal Primer, which is the best primer for dry skin. It will keep your skin supple, shiny, and glowing and deal with flakiness and other dry skin issues.
  • If looking for a primer for sensitive skin, try a face primer that is rich in antioxidants and is completely organic, made from cruelty-free and chemical-free ingredients, just like Charmacy’s rich line of products.
  • If finding the best primer for combination skin, go for tinted primers with a multi-action formula that soaks the excess oil and gives you a silky smooth finish.
  • If you have acne-prone skin, you need a primer for acne-prone skin, that can take care of excessive oiliness and sensitivity at the same time.
  • For a primer for mature skin, stick to Charmacy’s CMC Pro-Pore Conceal Primer, or go for an illuminating primer that will cover those fine lines and give you a supple, smooth, and rejuvenated look.

Benefits Of Using Face Primer

Applying a face primer can:

  • Reduce pores and fine lines
  • Can give you a glossy or a matte look, just how you like it
  • Holds your makeup for hours and gives a long-lasting look
  • Doesn’t make you feel the weight of the extra layer
  • Can moisturize and hydrate your skin
  • It is extremely easy to apply a primer

How To Apply Face Primer?

Follow these steps to apply face primer:

  1. Step 1 – Wash your face well and apply a moisturizer and let it stay for some time
  2. Step 2 – Apply a light layer of primer to your skin, starting from the center
  3. Step 3 – Slowly dab it across your face using a sponge or your fingers, and make sure it covers every corner of your face.
  4. Step 4 – Allow it to dry and then apply your foundation/li>

Points to Remember While Buying a Best Face Primer Online

When purchasing your primer online, ensure that you:

  • Buy it from a well-known brand like Charmacy so that you get authentic, organic, and 100% safe products.
  • Buy a primer according to your skin type and the kind of finish that you want.
  • Try and invest in a product that comes with a multi-effect benefit.
  • Buy a primer that controls oil production and holds your makeup for hours.


Now that you are how a primer can work on your skin magically, layer your skin with one, and get ready to rock that party with long-lasting makeup that won’t fade away.


    1. What does a face primer do?

    The primary objective of the primer is to hold your makeup, keep your skin oil-free and hydrated, and give you a smooth and supple finish.

    2. Is face primer necessary?

    Yes, it is important to use a primer beneath your foundation so that your makeup stays longer

    3. Is face primer good for your skin?

    Yes! If you buy a primer according to your skin type, it is great for your skin.

    4. Can I use primer without makeup?

    Of course! Applying a simple primer is a great solution for a hydrating, smooth, moisturized, and no-makeup look.

    5. How do I choose a primer?

    Choose a primer according to your skin type and the ingredients. Always trust organic brands when purchasing a primer.

    6. Which primer is best for Indian skin?

    Charmacy’s CMC Pro-Pore Conceal Primer has major benefits for all skin types and is the best makeup primer which is highly recommended for Indian skin!